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Wills, Estate Planning, Probate

The attorneys at Aherin, Rice & Anegon have been providing estate legal services in our area for over 40 years.  We provide affordable and timely services by our highly skilled attorneys in the following areas:

  • Estate Planning – We provide Wills, Trusts, Medical Directive, Powers of Attorney and other important documents. While estate planning lawyers and counselors can create very complex documents, our attorneys’ goals are to make the decisions easy by providing you with our knowledge and understanding of an estate plan and options that enable you and your family to achieve your estate planning goals.  We focus on providing individualized estate planning documents that are designed to meet your goals and objectives at reasonable prices.
  • Probates – Estate and Trust Administration – Probate is the legal procedure by which a Court oversees the estate of a deceased person to make sure the debts and obligations of the deceased are paid and the estate is distributed to the proper heirs.
  • Some people believe probate is avoided if you have a Will and others believe the probate process does not apply to people who die without a Will. Neither of these beliefs are correct.  Some people feel there are insufficient assets to warrant a probate.  Some feel it will be too expensive.  Failure to properly probate an estate should a probate be warranted can be extremely costly down the line either for a surviving spouse or the children of the deceased.  A consultation with one of our experienced attorneys will clarify if a probate is necessary in your situation.
  • We help estate representatives carry out their legal duties to beneficiaries, creditors and taxing authorities.
  • Estate and Trust Litigation – When you need aggressive probate lawyers, we vigorously pursue and defend complex Will and Trust disputes on behalf of fiduciaries and beneficiaries.


We take pride in our sincere desire to understand your needs and those of your family, and to provide workable solutions.  Whether those solutions involve a simple Will preparation or staunch advocacy in court, you can rest assured that we will provide the highest quality legal services regardless of the complexity of your case.  We offer a level of personal attention that is unsurpassed.