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Do Not Let A Motor Vehicle Accident Define The Rest Of Your Life

Although a car or truck accident can happen in mere moments, the consequences can last a lifetime. Injuries like broken bones, nerve damage or worse can haunt a victim for the rest of their lives. We at Aherin, Rice & Anegon know that it is so critical to get the best possible compensation for your injuries so that you are in the best position to recover from a motor vehicle accident.

We have been serving clients from our Lewiston office since 1974, giving us the experience needed to know how to fight for your best recovery. We know how much fair compensation can benefit you and your loved ones, which is why we fight so hard for you.

We Account For Everything In Your Case

Any good lawyer will tell you that the key to a successful case is the details. Because of this, we strive to get all the relevant information about your car accident, so we are prepared for anything along the way. This kind of preparation allows our attorneys to be able to increase the odds of getting the best possible payout for your case.

Our Idaho attorneys are prepared to negotiate and litigate on your behalf according to whichever method suits your best interests. Insurance companies will often try to minimize the amount of your compensation, and having an experienced attorney at your side can make a world of difference in the outcome that you achieve.

Begin Seeking Your Recovery Today

If you or a loved one needs to seek the best possible outcome for serious car crash case, choose an attorney who has the experience to meet your needs. Contact our Lewiston office by calling 208-746-3646 to set up your initial consultation today.